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At Breathing Space we are thrilled and privileged to work with some inspirational people who, with their skills and personalities, have had a big impact on us ... and we know that they will have a big effect on you too.  Many of them work with us on our dedicated weekend retreat/workshops, and tailor-made breaks and days.
Paulina Jones Paulina Jones is a vibrational sound healer and uses her unique talents and her powerful intuition to create bespoke healing for every individual. Her background is 28 years in nursing and she also holds a Masters in NLP and is an EFT practitioner. She runs the Capella Health and Wellbeing Centre in North Norfolk. 
Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan is an Image Consultant.  Sarah can show you how to revamp your wardrobe, for a better, more gorgeous you! After a one-to-one colour consultation you’ll understand which colours make you look a million dollars, then with some style counselling, you’ll find a look that’s really you and you’ll leave with the confidence to shop for a fabulous new you! Swatch and workbook included.  Sarah has worked her magic on all of us!
Angela Ward Angela Ward is a talented artist and passionate about all forms of art and dance, Angela strongly believes that through dance, meditation and using simple art techniques, that anyone can access more of their creative side, the right side of the brain. “Itʼs amazing what you can achieve once you unlock your creative side and simply let things flow out! I believe there is an artist and dancer in all of us.”
Sean Emmerson Sean Emmerson is a holistic health consultant specialising in Clinical Ecology. Many everyday factors - diet, stress, environmental pollutants - can lead to allergies and life changing conditions. Through eliminating and avoidance of these “trigger” substances using a tested, painless and safe means of applied Kinesiology, people become symptom free, resuming normal and healthy lives. He finds the cause not treat the symptoms. Sean also uses NST, an advanced form of the Bowen Technique that deals with a lasting muscle correction through gentle massage.
Clare Badham Clare Badham believes that yoga is not so much for doing, but more a state of being. A British Wheel of Yoga teacher, Clare can offer you Hatha Yoga to improve your strength and flexibility whilst attending to your overall sense of wellbeing through relaxation and meditation. She has a special interest in how yoga can be of enormous help to those whose lives have been affected by cancer.
Samantha Cullingford has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years. She now specialises in holistic and healing therapies. Her aim is to empower people to lead happy fulfilling lives through the treatments that she offers. These include crystal and reiki healing, chirology (palm reading), reflexology and massage.
Maria Banks Maria Banks is a professional co-active life-coach.  Blessed with boundless energy and passion, Maria shines most when she is enabling people to see themselves so much bigger than they are.  Her coaching is transformational: she brings connection, clarity and focus, and encourages people to create the lives they truly want for themselves and their loved ones.