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Twin Room - 2 persons
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Single Room - 1 person (including breakfast) £65 or £85
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Shepherd’s Hut  (summer months) - 2 people
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At Breathing Space we are thrilled and privileged to work with some inspirational people who, with their skills and personalities, have had a big impact on us ... and we know that they will have a big effect on you too.  Many of them work with us on our dedicated weekend retreat/workshops, and tailor-made breaks and days.
Paulina Jones Paulina Jones is a vibrational sound healer and uses her unique talents and her powerful intuition to create bespoke healing for every individual. Her background is 28 years in nursing and she also holds a Masters in NLP and is an EFT practitioner. She runs the Capella Health and Wellbeing Centre in North Norfolk. 
Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan, Personal Stylist, is expert at showing you which colours make you look and feel fabulous - a Colour Consultation can be truly life-changing! With warmth and humour, Sarah will guide you to your style essence, showing you which clothes flatter your form and lifestyle, for a look that’s really you. We get what we give out - she’ll show you how to use colour, clothes and accessories to attract exactly what you want into your world.
Angela Ward

Angela Ward. Do you want to learn to salsa or to do bachata? Or maybe you would like to have some fun learning some Bollywood routines? Perhaps you want to learn how to free dance and let go!  Angela is passionate about dance and loves to teach. She has been a salsa teacher and Zumba instructor for many years. 'WE can be-spoke a dance lesson for small groups of minimum of 4 people.

  “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. Martha Graham

Angela Ward.Want to overcome obstacles or melt away blocks? Embark in a new direction or make a few much-needed changes? The answers you seek are already inside you even if you can’t see them for yourself. Angela is qualified - NLP diploma - warm, approachable and practical. A skilled life coach, she has the tools to help you to discover your own answers. She is easy to relate to but will help you hold yourself to account to take positive steps. You have a new story to write and it is nothing like your past.

Sean Emmerson Sean Emmerson is a holistic health consultant specialising in Clinical Ecology. Many everyday factors - diet, stress, environmental pollutants - can lead to allergies and life changing conditions. Through eliminating and avoidance of these “trigger” substances using a tested, painless and safe means of applied Kinesiology, people become symptom free, resuming normal and healthy lives. He finds the cause not treat the symptoms. Sean also uses NST, an advanced form of the Bowen Technique that deals with a lasting muscle correction through gentle massage.
Clare Badham Clare Badham believes that yoga is not so much for doing, but more a state of being. A British Wheel of Yoga teacher, Clare can offer you Hatha Yoga to improve your strength and flexibility whilst attending to your overall sense of wellbeing through relaxation and meditation. She has a special interest in how yoga can be of enormous help to those whose lives have been affected by cancer.
Samantha Cullingford works on balancing the physical body & energy field through the focus of the soul. Her aim is to connect people to their own inner guidance system with crystal/reiki therapy, reflexology, palm reading (chirology). This ultimately invokes a sense of trust in your own intuition, creating a deep sense of peace & enthusiasm for life. Samantha also offers facials & massage treatments.
Naomi Davies has been working as a complimentary and beauty therapist for over 12 years. She uses a wide range of holistic therapies including Swedish, Reflexology, Indian head massage, hot stone massage, sports massage and lymphatic drainage. She is especially passionate about aromatherapy which may help promote health and prevent illness. She uses high quality essential oils and carefully tailors the blend to suit individual treatments.
Zoe Fullalove is a complementary therapist.  In the hectic and stress filled lives so many of us lead these days Zoe's aim is to help people revive their mind and body to enable their soul to thrive again. To help achieve this she offers holistic treatments which are know to combat stress and promote the body's own healing. The treatments are an ideal way to help you unwind, relax and recharge during your Breathing Space stay. Experience a Swedish full body massage, hot stone massage, Indian head massage, facial or Hopi Ear candles (including face and head massage). The choice is yours! 
Linda Allen, as a Wellbeing Consultant, empowers your enhanced mental, emotional and spiritual health by intuitively drawing on her deep understanding of the dynamic between your mindset, emotions and soulful nature. Her deep listening skills enable reflection for you to see what’s really going on and she provides practical exercises and resources so you empower yourself as you move forwards.
Kirsty Minors is a beauty therapist NVQ Level 3 & with 12 years experience. She has an extensive list of treatments on offer and she uses only the highest quality of products available. She aims to put guests at ease, listen intently to their needs and make sure they feel completely relaxed. Kirsty offers facials, massage, pedicures and manicures at Breathing Space.
Gill McCune is a massage therapist specialising in women’s health. She trained in Fertility Massage Therapy, a deep; yet gentle, non-invasive abdominal and sacral therapy that focuses on improving circulation to the abdominal organs, in turn helping to improve blood, nerve and lymph flow. It’s a wonderful treatment to receive at any age and helps with a range of issues: infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, painful / heavy periods, recurrent miscarriage, sexual trauma / abuse, IBS, chronic digestive issues, menopause, to name a few. She also offers traditional Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy and postnatal massage treatments.
Kim Barham warmly invites you to de-stress and let go of tension through the wonder of Indian Head massage, which works not only on the muscles of the head and face but also the neck, shoulders and back. Allow yourself to relax and receive under her healing hands in combination with aromatherapy oils blended to suit your needs.  Kim also offers Reiki and will soon be practicing reflexology and relaxation therapies alongside her current range of treatments.
Emma Smith believes passionately in empowering women to value and care for their bodies through massage, core exercises and deep-breathing techniques. She offers two treatments at Breathing Space: 60-minute holistic sports massage (In underwear): Using organic massage oil to nourish your skin, this treatment is a relaxing full body massage from head to toe including focusing on tense muscle areas, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Organic essential aromatherapy oils can be used if desired. 60-minute self-care session (Fully clothed): Sharing advice on posture, muscle balance, belly-breathing and mindful self-massage techniques to strengthen your core, release stress and reduce aches and pains. You will also be given simple exercises to do at home. Emma trained in the UK as a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist and Holistic Massage Therapist and has been practising massage for twelve years.
Maria Banks Maria Banks is a professional co-active life-coach.  Blessed with boundless energy and passion, Maria shines most when she is enabling people to see themselves so much bigger than they are.  Her coaching is transformational: she brings connection, clarity and focus, and encourages people to create the lives they truly want for themselves and their loved ones.